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From Debilitating Low Back Pain to Hiking in Wales

84% of adults deal with low back pain (LBP) symptoms at one point or another. For many, symptoms of low back pain are self-limited.

Our long-time client and friend is a 69-year-old physician with chronic LBP with acute disc herniation and severe lateral shift, as well as an old right shoulder injury. He is an avid hiker and photographer carrying about 20 lbs of equipment during his adventures but has been unable to participate in his passions due to pain. After his evaluation, it was evident that he was dealing with severe left lower extremity numbness, tingling, pain, imbalance, and weakness.

After completing the majority of his specifically cultivated rehab program, his mobility and overall functionality have improved. As of today, we are working on that left and right side bending, and refining his functional mobility to get him ready for his next big trip. Not only has our hero regained his independence by walking independently, but he has also returned to his peloton classes with weight training 3x a week and has officially retired. Next on his bucket list is a hiking trip planned for August in Wales!

He has been amazing with trusting the process even when he thought he would be “dealing with symptoms for the rest of his life," today, he can move without any onset of radicular symptoms! His shoulder is near pain-free, and he is making his way back to the trails while enjoying this newfound free time. It has been an honor working with a fellow medical provider who trusts the rehab process and is willing to put in the work to resolve his problems.

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