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From Total Knee Replacement to Back on the Golf Course

No one plans to get a total knee replacement while in the peak time of life, but for our friend Pete that was his only option to get back to the quality of life he wanted to live!

Pete played college basketball and is an active golfer and pickleball player. He enjoyes going to the gym with his son and staying active. With time he noticed he was having increased difficulty doing the things that brought him pleasure and enjoyment, and after much deliberation, he decided to get a total knee replacement.

The early stages of rehabilitation for Pete were challenging. He began his journey with sessions of “pre-hab" working under the guidance of our specialists, then gradually progressed from 2-3 weeks at his home post-op, to being back in the clinic here at Launch PT and Sports Performance for the duration of his treatment journey.

Pete has such an active lifestyle, and this minor setback was not going to stop him from getting back to playing golf and pickleball at the competitive level that he enjoys!

Through the ups and downs with pain and mobility, Pete was an amazing patient trusting the process with the staff at Launch and being diligent and disciplined with his home program.

After many months of putting in the work, he is back on the golf course  playing pain-free and is working on his agility levels with more plyometric training so that when he hits the pickleball court, he can compete with the best of them! Pete - thank you for trusting us with your care and allowing us to be a part of your journey!
We are here to cheer you on evert step of the way!

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Dr. Dave

Launch Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Center