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Catherine Savoia

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Neurological and Balance Disorders Specialist

Dr. Catherine is a Boston native with a passion for movement and art, as her first career and degree was in dance! Dr. Catherine's initial plans as a PT were to primarily work with performing arts athletes, which she still enjoys. However, she has also focused her skills on becoming an advocate and specialist in treating neurological and balance disorders including migraines/ headaches, vestibular dysfunction, dizziness, concussion, TMJ, and scar tissue management. She is also passionate about functional medicine and nutrition, which allows her patients to gain control of their health and wellbeing in all aspects of life.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, attending his gigs (he is a drummer in a cover band), hiking, yoga, dancing, and going to the dog park with her fur babies.

Dr. Catherine was previously an employee of Launch when it first opened, as she has been working with Dr. Dave since she was a student. She is overwhelmingly excited to return to the team and can't wait to see you in the clinic!