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Kayleigh Coffman

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Kayleigh Coffman, a native from Bozeman, MT was brought to the sunny state of Arizona for PT school where she graduated from AT Still University in Mesa, AZ in 2019. Since then she has practiced in multiple settings including skilled nursing facilities, acute care, LTACH, and home health while finding what route God had in store for her. She was introduced to the team at Launch through the “Uncaged Clinicians” FB group in January 2020. Kayleigh and Dr. Dave (Launch owner and founder) hit it off right off the bat and immediately started planning a mentorship program for Kayleigh to join the team part-time to assist in patient care.

Kayleigh has a passion for lifting and endurance training and specifically feels called to assist in the lifelong journey for patients just starting their health and wellness journey to improve their longevity through nutrition and physical exercise. Kayleigh brings such an energy to the team that compliments the other members of the Launch team- she wants to be a “motivation station” for all her patients to achieve their physical and personal goals throughout life!

When Kayleigh isn’t at the office you can catch her working out at Suffer City of Gilbert, AZ, laying at the pool, or enjoying a delicious meal on the town.