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Back to Baseline After ACL Repair Surgery

ACL tears are a very common knee injury with almost 100,000 and 200,000 reported cases annually.

We all know at least one person that has had ACL repair, and how long the rehabilitation process is, right? The course of ACL rehabilitation ranges anywhere from 10-12 months for active individuals. Those 10+ months consist of strenuous and diligent physical therapy. The goal is to get you back to baseline. However, not everyone has the best journey to recovery.

Our client and friend, Nathan, is a 26-year-old active male who tore his left ACL while skiing in Flagstaff last spring. He received surgery to repair it in May 2020 and went through two different therapy clinics following the first 4 months of his recovery journey but was left feeling unfulfilled and wanting more.

After leaving both clinics, Nathan felt lost and took it upon himself to continue rehab on his own with little progress. After months of stagnant growth and no real direction, Nathan was referred to Launch by his sister, where he was paired with one of our rehab specialists and began a customized rehab program to get him back on the slopes.

Nathan has been an athlete all his life. His ultimate goal is to return to skiing and playing soccer next season- he is motivated and determined to get back to doing what he loves! Seeing his transformation from last October to now truly highlights his progression and achievements.

His perfectionist mentality elevates his rehabilitation journey. We have no doubt he will be back on that field and skiing the slopes safely and back to his peak performance in no time!

We are so proud of Nathan and are honored to be a part of his journey as his healthcare providers. Nathan, Launch Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Center thanks you for trusting us - we will always be your biggest cheerleaders!
We cannot wait to see you shredding the slopes!

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Dr. Dave

Launch Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Center