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Your 75-minute consultation will start with a comprehensive assessment to help discover what is causing your problem, help define an effective treatment model and provide you a successful plan of action to attain your functional goals.

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Why choose Launch?

All Sessions are with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (100% of the time)
We treat the Person, NOT the symptoms
Faster Recovery Time
Customized 1:1 Treatment Programs
The patient is in total control of their Health and Wellness journey

At Launch PT, we believe that everyone should have access to preventative care. We subscribe to a concierge practice model to make treatment work better for our clients, their busy lives and schedules. Most importantly, we listen to the patient and strive for faster healing and better performance. By looking at the body as the interconnected machine that it is, our experts provide the interventions and tools necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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We are a patient-focused concierge practice

Our practitioners subscribe to a private, concierge model so that they have the time, space & resources to meet their patients’ needs without navigating the restrictions placed by insurance carriers. While we accept anyone with health insurance, we have a minimal relationship with corporate healthcare because we don’t want to be restricted by their terms and limitations for your care.

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Arizona is hot enough. We won’t let pain and injury burn you too.