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Conservative Non-Operative Achilles Tendon Tear Rehab

Young, active mom who was told that she could probably never run again after full-thickness Achilles tendon tear.

Christina encumbered a full-thickness tear of her left Achilles tendon while playing tennis in March of last year, and had a difficult decision to make between having an invasive surgical repair or conservative non-operative treatment.

Being highly competitive in life, living a very active lifestyle, and being a former collegiate athlete – she was determined and motivated to get back to performing at 100% even when told it was questionable. Christina opted to go all in and take the conservative non-operative treatment route. She had a big mountain to climb because her goal was to run a 5K by the end of 2021. We supported her in this endeavor and took on the challenge head-on!

Beginning in March 2021, she began her highly intensive and challenging rehabilitation journey from being non-weight bearing to full running potential – and being the ROCKSTAR patient that she is, Christina achieved her objective with flying colors. She put in the time, focused energy, and effort every single day for 8+ months to progress her functional performance. Even though there were moments of self-doubt and depression, she remained resilient, trusted the process, and persevered!

Christina ran the Hot Chocolate Run on December 12, 2021, coming in under 38 minutes, and is now back to skiing, hiking, strength training, and living her dream as an active woman and Super Mom. We here at Launch Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Center have had such a pleasure serving her and are very proud of her achievements.

Christina, you are an inspiration - Onward and Upward!

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