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Hydration: Too Much, Too Little, or The Wrong Water? 

Did you know, you can drink a gallon of water a day and still be dehydrated?  

We hear it all the time...

“I live in a desert so, of course, I’m dehydrated.”  

The state of dehydration within the body is often associated with two factors: 

1.) Not enough salt (we will cover this in another blog) 
2.) The wrong type of water.  

There are three types of water commonly sold today. What are they?

1.) RO Water.  This is reverse osmosis. 

This type of water goes through a filtering process that removes harmful substances but also removes helpful ones, such as magnesium and potassium.  This water is similar to distilled water, which is used for formula or cleaning medical devices.  Drinking RO water consistently can lead to dehydration because it lacks electrolytes.  

Some RO systems will put electrolytes back into the water before it comes out of the tap - you definitely want this!  If not, RO and distilled water can both create a dehydration problem with frequent consumption.

  2.) Spring Water or Mineral Water. 

This water contains natural minerals and electrolytes.  It is often taken from a natural spring source and has all of its minerals still in it, such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.  Spring water can help to hydrate the body without having to add anything to the water!

3.) Electrolyte Water. 

This type of water has electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium) added to it.  These minerals are usually added in higher amounts than naturally occurring in spring water.  Based on this, these types of waters are great to drink if you live in an arid climate, a hot climate that induces more sweating, or are an active athlete.  

Keep in mind, the recommendation for the amount of water to consume in a day is .5 to 1.0 fluid ounces per pound of body weight.  For example, a 130lb female, would drink 65oz to 130oz a day or 1.9 liters (basically 2) to 3.8 liters a day.  

So, what is the best type of water to drink?  

It depends on your lifestyle and location but sticking with spring water or electrolyte water is best!  If RO water is what is available, make sure it has electrolytes added back in, and try your best not to drink it on a regular basis.  

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