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The Correlation Between Your Lifestyle Choices and the Flu

With cold and flu season officially upon us, the flood of information that comes out on the news and social media about supplements to take and over-the-counter medications to use can be overwhelming.  Often little is ever said about lifestyle practices and nutrition that can help us stay healthy.  Once we start focusing on establishing a healthy baseline of nutrition and lifestyle, the easier we may recover from future possible sickness.

Two Important Aspects Affecting Recovery:

#1 Movement

First and foremost, movement is medicine!  Maintaining a regular exercise routine prior to getting sick can help our bodies recover faster.  While sick, getting outside (preferably away from people) for 10-15 minutes a day can help the body recover faster.  Even walking around our backyard will help to get our blood flowing, move our lymph system, oxygenate our lungs and cells, and assist our bodies in creating Vitamin D.  Vitamin D helps support a healthy immune system, as well as a healthy thyroid, brain, energy levels, sleep and mood support.  

#2 Nutrition

The top supplements recommended are zinc; quercetin; Vitamin C; glutathione; Vitamin D; Vitamin A; probiotics; and omega-3’s.  Here at Launch, we believe in practical shifts for a healthier lifestyle, so instead of recommending supplements, we recommend food.  Our very own Clinical Coordinator, Christina, is also a Holistic Nutritionist and has put together an e-book for easy reference with lists of the top foods to eat with these Vitamins and nutrients in them, with a few added recipes.

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