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Mastery Performance Consulting

Ashley Raulli, CMPC & Zachary Smith

Launch Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Center has partnered with Mastery Performance Consulting to level up your mental health and wellness needs. Through our collaboration, our goal is to help our clients bring out the potential in themselves and thrive despite the barriers that come with injury, health changes, and setbacks.

Meet Ashley, your lead consultant, who specializes in working with collegiate, high school, club, and professional athletes, coaches, and families from all walks of life. Since graduating with her master's degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Minnesota State University, she has continued working with a variety of athletes, coaches, and leaders in many different sports and is servicing new clients overcoming injury, surgery, and self-doubt.

Meet Zach, Mastery co-founder, entrepreneur, experienced programmer, and man of many talents. Zach educates his community on concepts of sport psychology and is an integral member of the Mastery community.

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